Why Softwash?

Soft washing is an eco-friendly alternative to high-pressure power washing. Soft washing uses environmentally responsible, biodegradable solutions to completely break down and remove biological contaminants (algae, lichens, and organic growth). It’s the kinder  and more effective way to wash your home, business, or equipment.

Gentle soft washing is proven to last longer than traditional pressure washing and will help to extend the life of your siding, steps, concrete, porches, decks and more. All of our work is customized to the specific project needs. We take care to professionally evaluate the surfaces and clean using the safest and most effective methods.

We are proud to use the latest soft wash cleaning technology on your home or business.

Lower Pressure

Traditional pressure washers can blast up to 4,000 PSI — ouch! Soft washing uses an agricultural style, lower-pressure sprayer which means that the surfaces of your home, landscaping and the surrounding environment are gently rinsed with safe PSI around 80. Much kinder to your surfaces!

Gentle Cleaning

The eco-friendly cleaning solution does all the hard work, with no pressure required. Soft washing cleans effectively but keeps your fragile surfaces safe. This not only protects your property but ensures you don’t void your roof or siding warranty with an improper clean.

Stays Cleaner Longer

Your property stays free of algae, mildew, moss, and other organic microbes for a longer period of time after using soft washing. Traditional power washing just blasts the surface growth, while soft washing kills it at the root. This means your clean lasts longer, saving you money in the long run.









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